Urgent: Emergency funds for
South Ukraine and Odessa Jewery

A Call From Local Chabad Rabbis

Dear Community Member,

The war in Ukraine has begun and the situation of the Jewish community there is very worrying.

As brothers who guarantee each other we must not stand aside indifferent! We must help them! They need emergency equipment, medicine, food, fuel, rescue buses, sleeping bags, stoves and blankets, and many other critical needs that cannot be expanded on right now.

Many of the Jews who are there are Holocaust survivor orphans and adults who do not have the option of leaving and have nowhere to run. Please help them! לא תעמוד על דם רעך (Do not stand on the blood of a neighbor) !! פיקוח נפש (Saving lives!!!)

We must help them with food and equipment that costs a fortune as quickly as possible:

Emergency medicines

Personal emergency kits

Lifesaving equipment

Medical instruments


Police escort convoys

Food and water

Sleeping bags

Thermal blankets

A satellite communication systems including phones and Internet in case Incase of network shutdown

Together with financial assistance, we urge you to dedicate good deeds (Mitzvot) and prayers for the safety and well-being of all the people who are affected by this conflict. Please consider joining the Chabad Centers for Friday night and Shabbat services, so we can collectively put our efforts together for a peaceful outcome.

Thank you,

Rabbi Mendy Bukiet – Chabad of Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch

Rabbi Levi Steinmetz – Chabad of Downtown Sarasota

Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz – Chabad of Sarasota

Rabbi Sholom Schmerling – Chabad of Venice

Rabbi Zev Steinmetz – Chabad of West Bradenton


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